Welcome to the SESC's WebCenter!!!
Providing internet access to the Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS).

Smart Find Express has implemented changes to improve the security of your personal information. Phone access to Smart Find Express will be unchanged, Access ID and PIN will remain for use over the phone. All employees will need to create a unique password for themselves in order to log in over the web. This will be effective on July 4, 2020. Password must incorporate the following:
1 Alphabet Character
1 Number or Special Character
1 Minimum of 8 total characters
You will be asked to create a new password for login over the web. If you forget your password please use the ?forgot password? link on the log in page to send a reset link to the email in your profile.

Please click on the following links to view orientation videos on how to register and use SmartFindExpress:
Employee Orientation Video
Substitute Orientation Video

QuickTime is needed to view videos. Download here.

To Access the System by telephone:

Enter your Access ID followed by the star (*) key.
Enter your PIN followed by the star (*) key.

Smart Find Calling hours are from 7 pm to 11 pm in the evening, except Thursday, which is 5 pm to 11 pm; AND beginning at 5:30 am in the morning. If at all possible, employees should call to create absences for the next day before 9 pm so that the phone system has an opportunity to offer these jobs to our substitutes in the evening before the morning call out process. Add to home page***

Recommendations for CELL PHONE USERS that may be having issues with the phone system:

Suggestion 1: One cell service provider recommends that the user reduce or disable the tone sounds that are played back to the user when the user touches the "soft keys" on the screen. (Note: this is not the in-call volume adjustment.) Some phones have this system settings option described as "Muting" or "Sending Keypad Tones". Others have it as simply "Key Tones".

Suggestion 2: User's should avoid using speaker phone when responding to the IVR as this may result in duplicate key presses for the system because of a phenomenon called "echoing".

Suggestion 3: DTMF should be ON. For most cell phones this is an option that can only be set at the cell phone store.

Suggestion 4: Key presses on touch screen phones should be made carefully one press at a time. Sometimes users with touch screen phones are not lifting their fingers off the screen after each key press.